PODCAST: How NetForecast Measures In-Flight Internet Quality of Experience

Alan Jones, Chief Technologist, NetForecast, is the guest on this episode.

On this episode of the Connected Aviation Intelligence Podcast, Alan Jones, Chief Technologist for NetForecast, joins  to discuss how his company helps airlines generate quality of experience scores for in-flight internet services and applications.

NetForecast is a Virginia-based independent provider of in-depth analysis and reporting on internet performance and user experiences. It was founded in 1999 and has leadership that participated in co-writing the Airline Passenger Experience (APEX) Connectivity Working Group specification “Evaluating the Passenger Connectivity Experience.”

As the company’s chief technologist, Jones is responsible for the design and deployment of NetForecast’s QMap network user experience quality monitoring service. He heads research and development for user experience measurement, data collection, and cloud-based aggregation for terrestrial, mobile, and satellite-based internet services.

Jones discusses some of the basic metrics NetForecast uses to measure in-flight internet network service performance, how airlines can produce in-flight connectivity Quality of Experience scores, and more.

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