DFlight API


Whether operating under Part 107 or Part 135, preflight assessment responsibilities remain. LJ Aero’s DFlight API provides the data you need to ensure compliance and mission goal achievability.


Pricing tiers aligned to every stage in your product lifecycle… from initial  exploration through development, testing, launch, and scaling as your user base grows.


DFlight API was created by developers for developers.  We have a comprehensive library of resources to help you integrate DFLight with your mission planning software.

Ensure every flight is safe, legal, and primed for success

Each UAV mission will have it’s own unique criteria for what constitutes safe, legal, and successful

  • Safe: depends on the UAV’s design specs, performance characteristics, optional equipment, and suport systems
  • Legal: depends on the applicable operating rules and waivers, exemptions, or authorizations issued
  • Successful: depends on the mission goals (payload delivery, mapping/surveying, data collection, filming/photography, etc.)

Regardless of the decision criteria, DFlight API delivers the planning information you need