DFlight API - Automate and Scale Your UAV Mission Planning

Automate and Scale UAV Mission Planning in U.S. Airspace

If you’re anxious to realize the full benefits of regularized BVLOS operations, it’s time to enhance the level of automation in your mission planning process.

Human interpretation of visually presented information is the least effective way to plan and schedule flight paths that ensure your missions will be accomplished safely, legally, and successfully. Automated decision making built in to your planning software will always be more accurate and more efficient. It won’t misread a map. Or confuse CDT with GMT, meters with feet, AGL with MSL, or “should” with “must”. Save your valuable manpower for tasks that only humans can do: forge relationships, make calls to controlling agencies, negotiate compromises, and devise creative solutions.

DFlight API brings you all the flight environment data needed for successful automated mission planning.

  • Always accurate
  • Always up-to-date
  • Always evolving to meet your regulatory and operational requirements
  • Delivered via REST API for seamless integration in your software.


Whether operating under Part 107 or Part 135, preflight assessment responsibilities remain. LJ Aero’s DFlight API provides the data you need to ensure compliance and mission goal achievability.


Pricing tiers aligned to every stage in your product lifecycle… from initial  exploration through development, testing, launch, and scaling as your user base grows.


DFlight API was created by developers for developers.  We have a comprehensive library of resources to help you integrate DFlight with your mission planning software.