Making Business Aviation Maintenance and Operations More Efficient

The new Veryon Work Center is a service center management solution tailored to meet the aircraft maintenance needs of business aviation operators and management companies. (Photo: California Aeronautical University)

Veryon Tracking recently launched Veryon Work Center—a unified platform designed to streamline the maintenance and return-to-service process for business aviation operators and management companies. The company claims that Work Center fills a gap in the market by providing an all-in-one solution for maintenance tracking, parts procurement, and invoicing.

Veryon was formerly known as ATP, and the company has been involved in the aviation industry for over 50 years. Flightdocs joined Veryon in 2020.

Overview of Veryon Work Center

The Veryon Work Center aims to expedite aircraft return-to-service by unifying various aspects of aviation management. According to Veryon’s website, the software provides real-time airworthiness information. It also offers customizable workflows, pricing profiles, and invoicing solutions.

Addressing Industry Pain Points

In an interview with Avionics International, Kent Pickard—Veryon’s vice president of product management—said that Work Center is a response to customer feedback, particularly in the areas where Veryon’s existing solutions fell short. “We had really good depth in maintenance tracking,” Pickard shared. “Work Center multiplies the value of all those tools that we already had, in terms of inventory, maintenance tracking, et cetera. We created a hub for the mechanic to get stuff done from one single place.”

“What a mechanic wants to do is fix and maintain the airplanes,” he explained. “They want to get the job done. That’s what is in everyone’s best interest—to focus on the actual work. We can actually measure our success from a mechanic’s perspective: the less time that they spend in software, the better. Work Center really enables them to do that.”

Pickard added that when the mechanic’s work becomes easier, it also simplifies the management of the entire organization. “The managers are able to plan the work, understand exactly what parts are needed, and where and how they’re going to get those parts.”

(Photo: Veryon)

Part 135 Operators

Work Center is designed with Part 135 operators in the business jet charter and management industry in mind. The software aims to improve operations by optimizing logbook generation, tracking costs and labor, and streamlining the procurement and invoicing processes.

ROI and Value Proposition

While Pickard didn’t specify exact figures, he stated that early adopters of Work Center have seen some great returns on their investments. With supply chain issues exacerbated by COVID-19, the new platform could prove to be a crucial tool in navigating procurement and operational challenges.

Wing Aviation is one of Veryon’s customers. Jeremy Gee, Wing’s CEO, commented, “Veryon Maintenance Tracking has been an integral part of our aircraft management workflow for many years. We’re excited to participate in the growth of Work Center and look forward to leveraging it to efficiently manage our diverse charter fleet. Implementing Work Center has allowed us to consolidate our maintenance software into a single platform helping us to further simplify our processes, improve our clarity, and continue the scalable growth of our business.”

(Photo: Veryon)

Value for Management Companies

One of the features Pickard was particularly excited about was Work Center’s invoicing capability. This new feature enables management companies to capture all costs and markups, and to generate invoices for in-house work, making it an attractive option for businesses that manage aircraft for owners.

Strategic Priorities

“Our mission as Veryon is to get our customers more uptime,” said Pickard. “Through the course of the next year, I think that we now have the critical mass as the ideal aircraft maintenance operations platform. We have these revolutionary new capabilities. I expect us to keep evolving that through the course of next year.”

He also mentioned the Veryon Technical Publications product, used in general and business aviation. “We can use our new depth with work execution, and the synergies between that other product in new and exciting ways. We’ll be continuing to refine that.”

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