L3Harris, Leidos, and MAG Aerospace Collaborate on HADES Program

L3Harris Technologies, Leidos, and MAG Aerospace are collaborating on the U.S. Army’s HADES program to provide advanced aerial intelligence aircraft for rapid data collection against sophisticated adversaries. (Photo: L3Harris)

L3Harris Technologies, Leidos, and MAG Aerospace are joining forces to lead the advancement of the U.S. Army’s High Accuracy Detection and Exploitation System (HADES) program. The collaboration aims to develop a fleet of aerial intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft, enhancing the ability to gather reliable intelligence against sophisticated adversaries rapidly.

Jason Lambert, President of ISR at L3Harris, commented on the announcement: “We have decades of missionization experience on business jet platforms and our L3Harris, Leidos and MAG Aerospace team brings several years of investment in building, operating and proving the Army’s concept of operations for modern multi-domain missions. No team is more experienced in producing and delivering Army aerial ISR solutions.”

Tim Freeman, SVP at Leidos, emphasized the synergy in this partnership, saying: “Our proven experience designing and operating the Leidos Special Mission Aircraft for ARTEMIS, together with this team’s capabilities, will help ensure HADES is a success.”

MAG Aerospace’s recent accolade, the ATHENA-R contract, signifies their investment in next-gen multi-domain ISR platforms. Matt Bartlett, President at MAG Aerospace, remarked, “MAG Aerospace has made substantial investments in the U.S. Army’s next generation, multi-domain ISR platforms as evident by our recent award of the ATHENA-R contract, and we look forward to using our knowledge and experience to help deliver the HADES Program of Record. HADES will provide deep sensing solutions as a key enabler to the Army’s Long-Range Precision Fires priority, and we offer the Army the most experienced team to integrate, test, validate, operate and deliver the next generation surveillance platforms.”

The experience of the L3Harris-led HADES team in the ISR business jet arena is extensive. Notably, L3Harris and Leidos have played significant roles in the Army’s Airborne Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare System and the Airborne Reconnaissance Targeting and Exploitation Multi-Mission Intelligence System programs, respectively. Additionally, MAG Aerospace, in partnership with L3Harris, is at the forefront of the ATHENA-R program, delivering enhanced ISR aircraft.

L3Harris’ current involvement in the Army’s Multi-Domain Sensing System program’s Phase 2 is particularly noteworthy. They’re pioneering the development and integration of electronic and communication intelligence sensors for the HADES platform. This system, to be integrated on the Bombardier Global 6500 aircraft, promises enhanced capability, survivability, and coverage, pivotal for U.S. combat commands.

In 2021, the Army announced its selection of L3Harris and Raytheon Technologies for a prototype program within the service’s HADES intelligence-gathering aircraft program.

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