IFS and Lockheed Martin Form Enhanced Partnership

IFS, a provider of cloud-based enterprise applications, and Lockheed Martin have collaborated to form a strategic alliance aimed at assisting aerospace and defense entities in optimizing the benefits derived from their enterprise software investments. Their joint efforts also focus on updating equipment maintenance and support procedures while ensuring the readiness of assets for missions. (Photo: IFS)

IFS and Lockheed Martin recently announced a new partnership designed to strengthen their position in the marketplace by capitalizing on each of the organizations’ strengths. This partnership — one of several collaborations between the two companies — will promote various products and services that will assist aerospace and defense groups in modernizing both equipment and supporting technological infrastructure.

As a developer of cloud enterprise software for companies that manufacture, distribute, and maintain goods, IFS is positioned well to partner with Lockheed Martin. With a team of over 5,500 employees located across 80 countries, the company has used technology to innovate and reimagine the software producers and distributors need to keep operations running smoothly.

Lockheed’s role under the agreement is to use IFS software at Lockheed’s Innovation Demonstration Center at its Training and Logistics Solutions facility near Orlando, Florida. Furthermore, the two companies will coordinate bid processes for customer opportunities while sharing technology plans to better align their products for customers.

“At Lockheed Martin, we develop highly-tailored solutions to help our customers achieve their critical missions,” said Reeves Valentine, vice president of land and maritime solutions, at Lockheed’s Rotary and Mission Systems division. “Delivering digital tools with intuitive interfaces, streamlined workflows, and AI-powered features keeps our military ahead of evolving threats. This partnership with IFS combines both companies’ efforts to ensure our customers have the most innovative defense capabilities.”

The companies have collaborated in the past to support mutual goals. In May 2021, the United States Navy selected Lockheed Martin and IFS’ Naval Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (N-MRO) solution to streamline various platforms into one modernized logistics information system. That system, called Total Asset Readiness, utilized artificial intelligence (AI), digital-twin capabilities, and predictive analytics to help the U.S. Navy manage the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of over 3,000 assets ranging from aircraft to ships to land-based machinery. 

The intuitive nature of the Total Asset Readiness interface was designed to help streamline workflows and save time. IFS was responsible for providing the program that powered the system, demonstrating the relevance to defense primes like Lockheed. Moving forward, both IFS and Lockheed believe the complementary nature of their products and services will allow them to further enhance the technological infrastructure of defense organizations and other customers.

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