iFLY EFB Now Available for Avidyne Flight Management Systems

Avidyne recently announced IFD integration with Adventure Pilot’s iFLY EFB. (Photo: Adventure Pilot/Avidyne)

Adventure Pilot’s iFLY electronic flight bag application is now fully compatible with Avidyne flight management, navigation, communication, and GPS systems. 

Avidyne, which produces integrated avionics systems, aircraft displays, and safety systems, announced the partnership with McKinney, Texas-based Adventure Pilot this week. The updated iFLY electronic flight bag (EFB) app enables pilots to share flight plans with Avidyne navigation systems with any iOS or Android device, “streamlining the flight preparation process for pilots, and ensuring data consistency between avionics systems,” Avidyne said in a statement.

In the other direction, Avidyne systems feed wide area augmentation system (WAAS) GPS, Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS–B) and altitude reference and heading (AHRS) data into version 12.2 of iFLY, enhancing the app’s situational awareness and capability, Avidyne said. 

Adventure Pilot designed iFLY to minimize pilot input and reduce complex interaction between a pilot and flight instruments, allowing for better situational awareness. The app features large menus and buttons and high-contrast colors for ease of navigation. It requires no complex gestures and can intuit a pilot’s intended input or desired information in turbulent skies when it is difficult to accurately punch buttons on a mobile device, the company says.

Avidyne’s IFD-series of touchscreen navigators are direct, slide-in replacements of GNS navigators that use existing trays and are compatible with all popular interface configurations to minimizing aircraft downtime and installation costs, the company says.

They “share the same basic functionality available in large and compact display formats and with or without integrated VHF radios,” Avidyne says. “The IFD user interface reduces button pushes and knob twists by up to 75 percent. Dropdown menus provide easy entry of airways, exit waypoints, destinations, and approach procedures. One-touch user-defined waypoints, plus pinch-zoom, map panning, and graphical flight plan editing, make operation a breeze.”

The newest version of iFly EFB is also compatible with other third-party apps including Foreflight, AvPlan, Cloud Ahoy, SkyDemon, Oz Runways, and of Avidyne’s own IFD100 app.

“This partnership between iFly and Avidyne is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences for our mutual customers, and a step forward in fostering greater harmony between avionics systems,” said Mike Salmon, technical marketing manager at Avidyne. “The ability to integrate with another fantastic EFB solution like iFly EFB enhances the freedom of choice that Avidyne pilots are used to.”

Juanita Boyd, Adventure Pilot’s vice president of operations, said integrating iFLY with Avidyne systems “represents a significant milestone for iFly as we continue to prioritize safety and innovation in the aviation industry.”

iFly EFB 12.2 is now available for download on the App Store and the Google Play Store. A brief tutorial video on connecting to the IFD is available on YouTube.

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