Embraer Nears Completion of New Surveillance and Early Air Warning Radar

Embraer recently completed the development phase of the SABER M200 Vigilante radar. The company has also signed a contract with the Brazilian Army to begin developing a Brazilian counter-battery radar. (Photo: Embraer)

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer recently completed development and has begun technical validation of the SABER M200 Vigilante radar. 

The radar system will soon be operated by various agencies within the Brazilian government, performing surveillance and early air warning missions, according to Embraer. The radar also will be made available to the international defense market.

Embraer also recently signed a contract to develop a counter-artillery battery radar system for the Brazilian army. That system also will be available for international customers, the company said. 

The company showcased several radars, including the M200 Vigilante Radar, the SABER M60 Radar, and SENTIR M20 at the Latin American Aerospace and Defense expo. 

The versatile SABER M60 radar combines tactical capacity and reliability for low-altitude air defense applications, Embraer said. The most recent version was delivered to the Brazilian army to complement the various anti-aircraft Brazilian army units. 

The SENTIR M20 surface surveillance sensor has been used to keep tabs on Brazil’s lengthy land border, as part of the Integrated Border Monitoring System (SISFRON). 

“Currently employed in mobile, fixed, and transportable versions, the M20 radar has demonstrated excellent results in increasing operational efficiency, generating the potential to increment its use in the SISFRON Program, as well as to serve the needs of the international market,” Embraer said in a statement. 

Embraer is in the final development phase for the prototype of the M200 Multimission radar, having already surpassed the main technological challenges related to this research and development phase, which ensures readiness for the future potential employment of the radar in medium-altitude and medium-range air defense projects for the Brazilian government.

Embraer has also discussed potential cooperation opportunities with the Brazilian navy and air force to apply the same radar and sensor capabilities.The company recently signed a technical cooperation agreement with the Brazilian Navy for research, development of radar and jammer systems, “once both institutions have recognized competencies and projects in these areas and will collaborate on sustainable solutions to increase the operational capacity of the Brazilian navy with a high level of Brazilian technological content.”

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