DroneUp and Walmart Launch Drone Delivery Services in Florida

Walmart’s drone delivery service, offered in partnership with DroneUp, is now available for some customers in the Tampa and Orlando areas, including the store pictured above in Winter Haven, east of Tampa and south of Orlando.

Some Walmart customers in Florida can now take advantage of drone delivery services through Walmart’s partnership with DroneUp. Seven stores in Tampa and Orlanda offer deliveries via drone, for a $3.99 delivery fee, to customers within a 1-mile radius.

DroneUp and Walmart started drone deliveries in November of 2021 in the state of Arkansas. In addition to Arkansas and Florida, other key areas of expansion for the companies include Arizona, Texas, Utah, and Virginia. As of December 15, 2022, DroneUp’s delivery network had expanded to include same-day delivery from some Walmart stores in the Phoenix and Dallas areas.

(Photo: DroneUp)

More than 10,000 items from Walmart are eligible for drone delivery directly to the customer’s home. Certified pilots operate the drones within FAA guidelines and drop off deliveries either to the customer’s driveway or yard. Tom Walker, CEO of DroneUp, commented in the press release, “Our mission is to set the gold standard for drone delivery and by partnering with Walmart, bring the incredible benefits that drones offer to local communities, organizations, and businesses.”

Vik Gopalakrishnan, Vice President of Innovation and Automation for Walmart U.S., remarked that their team is proud to be on the forefront of innovation for drone delivery services. “Drone delivery makes it possible for our customers to shop those last-minute or forgotten items with ease,” Gopalakrishnan stated. “It may seem like a futuristic option, but it’s giving our customers what they’ve always wanted.”

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