Britten-Norman Developing Garmin TXi Certification for Islander Cockpits

A computer rendering of Britten-Norman’s BN2T Islander with Garmin TXi EIS instrumentation (Photo courtesy of Britten-Norman)

Britten-Norman, the U.K.-based turboprop aircraft manufacturer, is developing a type certification path for the integration of Garmin’s TXi engine indication system (EIS) into its Islander aircraft, according to an AUg. 18 announcement by the two companies.

Britten-Norman has been manufacturing its BN-2 Islander since 1965, with 1,250 of the light utility aircraft produced and an estimated 750 still in service with commercial operators around the world. Garmin signed a development and distribution agreement with the company to create a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)-approved supplemental type certificate allowing TXi to be retrofitted or added to new Islander aircraft.

“It not only gives our customers an affordable technology solution, but it also provides improved engine efficiency which is essential when considering sustainability,” Mark Shipp, technical director and head of design at Britten-Norman, said in a statement. “This is one of several enhancements being launched this year under a larger 2022 R&D investment strategy.”

The TXi was developed by Garmin as a system capable of monitoring the performance of “aspirated or turbocharged Lycoming and Continental 4- to 6-cylinder engines powering GA singles and twins,” according to the company’s website. Garmin manufactures the TXi in a 7-inch and larger 10.6-inch display with color-coded pointers and data bands serving as indicators for normal operating ranges, cautions, and exceedances.

“We have a great heritage of innovation at Britten-Norman and we are excited to continue our work in that tradition. We are concurrently working on multiple projects to provide enhanced technology options and digitisation,” Grahame Stone, commercial director for Britten-Norman, said in a statement. “Having a technology partner such as Garmin working so closely with the company on products like their intuitively designed EIS helps us to keep the Islander cockpit relevant and up-to-date and ensures that we are able to pass on significant safety benefits and product enhancements to our customers at prices that are appropriate to the current international market conditions.”

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