Becker Avionics Announces Updates to Next-Gen Digital Intercom System

Becker Avionics’ digital intercom system, the AMU 6500, is getting some key updates, including 3D audio and Bluetooth capabilities. (Photos: Becker Avionics)

Becker Avionics just announced some of the new features that will be offered in its updated AMU 6500, a digital intercom system. These include 3D audio, Bluetooth capabilities, and the ability to use the AMU (Audio Management Unit) 6500 in combination with Becker’s Digital Voice Communication System, the DVCS 6100, as a hybrid system. The addition of the Antenna-Receiver Unit (ARU) 6510 enables the expansion of the AMU 6500 from three to 15 intercom positions.

The DVCS 6500

In a statement to Avionics International, David Oglesbee, Director of Sales and Marketing, commented, “We have had the AMU in the marketplace for about a year, and as we fielded the system, we listened to the customer. Their suggestions have led to these updates making a fantastic audio panel an even more amazing system. We are very excited to meet with operators and show them how this is truly industry-altering technology.”

The native Bluetooth capabilities of the AMU 6500 enable the integration of tactical handsets and cell phones onto a switched position on the system’s control panel. Following the pending expansion of its capabilities, the AMU 6500 can integrate with a Bluetooth-capable wireless headset as well, allowing the rear cabin crew to operate the system from the back of the aircraft.

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