Altaport Builds Vertiport Automation System to Support eVTOL Aircraft

Altaport recently announced that it has built the world’s first vertiport automation system to facilitate air taxi operations. (Photo: Altaport)

Altaport Inc. recently announced that it has built a vertiport automation system to facilitate air taxi operations. Altaport claims that this is the world’s first vertiport automation system. Vertiports are essentially heliports or helipads that will be used by electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

Altaport’s platform enables resource management, passenger management, and scheduling for eVTOL operations as well as safety monitoring of vehicles on the ground and collecting fees. Those managing vertiport infrastructure can take advantage of the system to make operations more efficient and optimize revenue. The vertiport automation system has the potential to increase safety and to reduce the workload for staff.

The system that Altaport has developed is already being utilized at multiple heliports in Brazil. Early use of the platform, and feedback from infrastructure managers, will help to prepare for the commercial launch of eVTOL operations. These advanced types of aircraft could be operating as early as 2024.

“We’ve spent more than a decade building and launching operations that are highly reflective of what future AAM operations will look like, giving us unique insight into the challenges and opportunities that such operations present,” commented Cory Cozzens, co-founder of Altaport.

“Future vertiports will need a robust and efficient operating system to manage high-volume throughput and autonomous ground operations. The Altaport platform provides tools to both vertiport managers and aircraft fleet operators, connecting the two parties to enable a safe and efficient operational environment.” (Photo and caption: Altaport)

Altaport has partnered with Volatus Infrastructure, a company that designs eVTOL infrastructure including vertiports and charging stations. Grant Fisk, co-founder of Volatus, remarked, “Altaport’s VAS [vertiport automation system] platform will play a critical role in establishing and growing a safe and efficient eVTOL ecosystem. We believe their VAS is a key piece in the Volatus vertiport package.”

Volatus is also collaborating with Eve Air Mobility, an eVTOL developer, to supply a vertiport automation solution to support eVTOL aircraft. The two companies signed a Letter of Intent in early December 2022. The vertiports designed by Volatus will utilize Eve’s air traffic management software solution to enable efficient operations.

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