The 8 best drone podcasts, YouTube channels of 2024

Feeling like a bit of a drone noob in a sky full of soaring tech? Maybe you’re a seasoned wingman or wingwoman who just can’t enough of drones? Podcasts are a fantastic way to stay propeller-powered with the latest drone developments, regulations, and industry buzz. So with that, we put together a guide to the best drone podcasts of 2024.

The podcasts in this guide were chosen because they did something notable over the past 12 months. Some released particularly-gripping episodes as of late. Others are must-listens now because they offer up critical news insights that you won’t want to miss now. Some launched over the past few months, meaning these brand-new podcasts offer a fresh take on the drone industry.

This is far from a comprehensive list of all great drone, general aviation or tech podcasts. But, it does call out those that you should consider adding to your podcast feeds this year — that you might not have previously considered. If you have your own recommendations for the best drone podcasts of 2024, leave them in the comments below!

Here’s a deeper dive into the best drone podcasts of 2024, which are listed in alphabetical order:

1a16z Podcast

Hosted by Steph Smith, the a16z Podcast comes from the folks at Andreessen Horowitz, which is a venture capital firm. The podcast discusses all sorts of tech and culture trends, news, and the future. Naturally, it’s a good one for drone pilots to listen to. And, a recent episode was entirely devoted to drones, largely profiling Flock (which is one of a16z’s portfolio companies).

The episode “Drones, Data, and Deterrence: Technology’s Role in Public Safety” dug into the delicate balance between using technology to combat crime versus respecting individual privacy. Originally aired in January 2024, the episode also took a deep look into the use of drones and facial recognition. It featured voices including a16z General Partner David Ulevitch, Flock Safety’s founder, Garrett Langley and Sheriff Kevin McMahill of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Give that episode a listen, but subscribe for all sorts of tech discussion that’s neither dumbed down nor subject to hype or outlandish predictions.

How to listen: Subscribe on your favorite podcast app, such as Simplecast.

Dawn of Autonomy

If the name “Dawn of Autonomy” feels somewhat familiar to you already, it should. The podcast is essentially a rebrand of the popular Dawn of Drones podcast, which first launched back in 2021.

So why rebrand?

“We’ve already been covering a wide range of emerging technologies on the Dawn of
Drones,” said podcast host. Dawn Zoldi. “In the future, drones will be one part of an array of automated systems that will act together harmoniously across the full range of use cases, from delivery to inspection to security services. We wanted the name to reflect the wide range of those technologies to be more inclusive, as well as more precise. Words matter.”

The show’s host, Dawn Zoldi, is a 28-year U.S. Air Force retired Colonel, licensed attorney and certificated Part 107 pilot.

With the more-comprehensive rebrand to all sorts of drone systems, expect discussions on topics including AI, IoT, robotics and drones. Each episode runs roughly 45-minutes, and it’s actually streamed live on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. ET across all sorts of channels including the official AUVSI YouTube channel, as well as some of Zoldi’s personal channels.

How to listen: Among the many ways to listen? Tune in via Zoldi’s personal YouTube, X, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Though, you can always replay the recordings if watching live isn’t your jam.

Drone Radio Show

It’s a perennial favorite, but once again, Drone Radio Show makes the list of best drone podcasts of 2024.

Hosted by Randy Goers, Drone Radio Show features forward-looking interviews with some of the top business leaders in drones. For example, an episode from February 2024 interviewed Eric Allison, Chief Product Officer at Joby Aviation. Joby Aviation made huge headlines in February when it announced that it had signed a landmark agreement with the Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) to launch air taxi services in the United Arab Emirates. Thus, Drone Radio Show is the ideal place to get the top updates from the players actually involved.

Recent episodes have dug into other unique or controversial topics that’ll give you fresh dinner table discussion fodder. For example, an episode with ANRA’s Amit Ganjoo dug into vertiports. And an interview with Michael Robbins, Chief Advocacy Officer at the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), brought in some fresh takes on U.S. competitiveness in the global drone industry — which is one of the top discussion items in the drone industry these days.

How to listen: Stream Drone Radio Show on Soundcloud, Spotify or pretty much wherever else pods are casted.

Drone to $1K podcast

Hosted by the folks behind the Drone Launch Academy, Drone to $1K podcast focuses solely on the business side of drones. If you want to take your hobby into a business, this is your spot to learn how to make money in drones.

Most episodes of the podcast bring on a different guest — each purporting to make at least $1,000 per month. Some make far more than that.

David Young, who is also the founder of Drone Launch Academy, hosts the podcast. If Drone Launch Academy sounds familiar, that’s because it’s one of our favorite websites for both Part 107 courses and online drone photography courses.

How to listen: Apple podcastsSpotifyPodbay and the Drone Launch Academy website

Ken Heron’s Thursday Night Live

Here’s a super entertaining YouTube webcast, which you might consider a podcast. Airing on Ken Heron’s YouTube channel, it’s called Thursday Night Live, and each episode features a guest speaker. The topics are varied, ranging from speculation around drone bans to FPV discussions with pilot Zoe FPV.

The shows are lengthy, typically running up to two hours (and sometimes longer). They’re all amusing — and sometimes irreverent.

How to listen: The live show runs on Thursdays at 7 p.m. Central time on the Ken Heron YouTube stream, though you can always replay them after the fact.

Sky Elements Drone Shows

This one isn’t really for listening, but more for watching. It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with drone light shows, and there’s no better YouTube channel to indulge in them than Sky Elements Drone Shows.

Sky Elements Drone Shows is one of the largest drone light show companies in the world, and their YouTube channel makes it possible to watch most of their shows — even if you weren’t physically present.

Many videos feature behind-the-scenes or previews with Preston Ward, who serves as Sky Elements’ Chief Pilot.

How to watch: Subscribe on YouTube.

The Air Up There (Federal Aviation Administration official podcast)

The Air Up There is the Federal Aviation Administration’s official podcast, covering all sorts of aviation topics. Naturally, that includes drones.

Recent drone episodes include one in late December done in tandem with the Drone Racing League Chief Operating Officer Ashley Ellefson. As it turns out, the FAA is collaborating with the Drone Racing League in its efforts to integrate complex drone events (like, well, big drone races) into the National Airspace System.

In that episode, Ellefson explained how you can get involved and even become a drone racing pilot yourself. And for the tech nerds out there, she shared how DRL is thinking about artificial intelligence and it’s impact on the future of this sport.

How to listen: You can listen to that particular episode (and subscribe to future episodes!) on FAA.govApple PodcastsYouTube, or Google Podcasts

What are the best drone podcasts of 2024 in your eyes (okay, or ears)? Share your recommendations in the comments!

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