How to get your hands on DJI’s next drone before everyone else (and for free!)

While it’s not officially official, all of the internet seems to believe that’s what DJI will be dropping tomorrow during its upcoming product launch event. But whatever it is DJI announces, here’s a lesser-known program that might get your hands on the new product without needing to pay for it. That’s thanks to the SkyPixel Product Tryout Program. And if you’re accepted into the DJI test program, you might be able to borrow a free DJI Air 3 (or whatever it is DJI launches tomorrow) for free.

What is the SkyPixel Product Tryout Program?

The SkyPixel Product Tryout Program is a program that lets a handpicked group of people try DJI’s newest products. It’s generally designed for influencers to generate content using those products (whether it’s videos shot on DJI drones or DJI handheld cameras), or actual video and/or test reviews of those products. Those folks then share that content with their followers, thus generating hype for the products — and providing easy advertising for DJI.

The SkyPixel Product Tryout Program typically runs for a limited time in the wake of a new DJI product launch. For example, in September 2022, DJI ran a version of its SkyPixel Product Tryout Program centered around the Osmo Mobile 6, which is a palm-sized, portable device designed to level up videos shot on smartphones — iPhone or otherwise.

SkyPixel is an online community closely affiliated with DJI that allows users to share their images. It also runs the annual SkyPixel Photo & Video Contest.

How the SkyPixel Product Tryout Program works

Exact procedures of the SkyPixel Product Tryout Program vary by product drop, but typically there’s a short window (about a few weeks) around the product launch to apply. From there, DJI picks its “product testers” who have to commit to a DJI contract. Upon signing, they receiving the product, which they get to use for a window of time (usually about a month).

There are some tasks that the testers must complete as part of the contract, in exchange for getting a free DJI product for that period. For example, they’re typically required to produce reviews and post them to their social media accounts and participate in user interviews.

You can see a list of the folks who participated in the SkyPixel Product Tryout Program as part of the Osmo Mobile 6 launch (and watch the content they created) here.

How to participate in this round of the SkyPixel Product Tryout Program

Alongside the Double Up launch announcement (which is the fancy launch event for the new DJI product dropping tomorrow), DJI released details as to how to participate in this round of the SkyPixel Product Tryout Program.

Applications opened on July 18 and will be accepted through Tuesday, August 1 (you can access the application upon logging in here). The SkyPixel committee will review applications over the following two days, and will begin contacting all shortlisted candidates sometime on either August 7 and 8. If you’re a hopeful applicant then you’ll want to monitor your email closely during that time, as SkyPixel says applicants will be contacted via email. What’s more, you only have five days to sign the product tryout agreement upon being contacted (otherwise SkyPixel will assume you’ve declined), so don’t procrastinate.

Those contacted will then need to sign a contract to officially become a DJI product tester, upon which they’ll receive the product so they can begin using it to generate content.

Of course, you won’t get the product forever. You’ll have 28 days to try it out upon receiving the product. After that, you’re obligated to send it back. You’ll also be obligated to provide either a product review, unboxing or shot-on video, as well as a product tryout report featuring texts and images —both of which will need to be posted to SkyPixel, the DJI forum and at least one major social media platform. And you’ll also have to participate in user interviews, which DJI will hold the rights to.

In short, you’ll get DJI’s newest product for free — which is potentially worth well over $1,000 right there. You’ll also get it way ahead of everyone else, so you won’t have to worry about pre-ordering it if you’re one of those people who likes to have the latest and greatest before the general population. You’ll also get solid exposure to your own content and channels, as DJI heavily leverages the content created by testers.

But of course, the influencer life isn’t easy. You don’t get to keep the new DJI product forever, and DJI actually gets final rights to what you produce.

What are testers actually testing?

Well, it’s whatever DJI announces on Tuesday, July 25 at 9 a.m. ET.  Pretty much everyone in the drone world is anticipating a DJI Air 3 drone, which would be the third iteration of the DJI Air line of drones.

The DJI Air line of drones straddles the DJI Mavic and DJI Mini lines in terms of price point and features, making it a solid pick for a serious photographer who is budget conscious, or someone who is newer to drones but wants something more robust than the Mini line.

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And if you don’t want to go through the SkyPixel Product Tryout Program, but you do want DJI’s newest product before most other folk, then you’d be wise to pre-order the upcoming DJI drone from B&H Photo right now.

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