How to connect DroneMask 2 with RC Pro — without spending a bunch of money

The following guest post about connecting DroneMask 2 with RC Pro was written by Vilde Wettergreen, CEO of Immerse Optics. Immerse Optics makes the DroneMask 2, which is a pair of goggles that can turn almost any drone into an FPV drone.

Immerse Optics began with a vision in 2016: to revolutionize the way we experience media. From the MovieMask to the MagiMask, our innovations have continually pushed the boundaries of personal cinema and AR. However, it was the unexpected embrace by drone enthusiasts in 2021 that truly set our course towards refining the first-person view (FPV) flying experience. By the end of 2021, MagiMask was rebranded to DroneMask.

The drone community’s discovery of the MagiMask’s potential was a pivotal moment for us. MagiMask found its true calling in the skies, offering drone pilots a way to fly in full-screen FPV immersion with any camera drone, without the common issue of light and glare interference. This serendipitous alignment with camera drones not only propelled our sales but also affirmed our belief in our lens technology’s unique value and versatility. The DroneMask is universally compatible with any camera drone where the pilot relies on their smartphone as the display. When we launched in 2021, the RC-N1/N2 controllers were the top choices among camera drone enthusiasts, positioning us as the go-to option for anyone looking to get an FPV flying experience with their regular camera drone.

How the DJI RC changed the drone landscape (and created a challenge for DroneMask)

With the launch of the DJI RC in May 2022, we observed the drone flying landscape shifting. The DJI RC’s integrated screen and lack of cable output for video transmission presented a compatibility challenge for our DroneMask. This was a setback, considering the effort we had put into making the DroneMask an optimal FPV solution for camera drone pilots. Despite this, we remained committed to offering the best cinematic FPV flying experience on the market.

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How to make DroneMask compatible with DJI RC PRO

The DJI RC Pro

Today, the DroneMask is predominantly utilized by pilots operating drones with RC-N1/N2 controllers, as well as those flying drones from Hubsan, Xiaomi, Autel, Parrot, or Skydio. Yet, it’s undeniable that DJI dominates the consumer drone market, and also among DroneMask users.

Recognizing DJI’s trend towards drones with integrated screens, we are happy to highlight how you can connect your DroneMask wirelessly with the RC PRO, as this controller has an HDMI out. This premium controller, which debuted in November 2021 as a successor to the Smart Controller, is compatible with a wide array of DJI drones. It offers enhanced features and performance, though at a premium price. Connecting the DroneMask with the RC PRO is a straightforward and efficient process.

What you need to connect DroneMask wirelessly with DJI RC Pro

  • DJI Raven Eye (a wireless transmitter)
  • HDMI cable between Raven Eye and RC Pro
  • Mobile device with DJI Ronin app
  • A DJI drone with RC Pro
  • DroneMask 1 or 2

With those things, the next steps are quite simple:

  1. Simply connect your RC PRO to the Raven Eye using an HDMI cable, then slot your smartphone with the Ronin app into the DroneMask.
  2. The video feed from the RC PRO is wirelessly transmitted to your smartphone housed within the goggles via the Ronin app, enabling RC PRO pilots to enjoy a high-resolution, wireless, and immersive FPV experience.

For RC Pro pilots seeking a more cost-effective connectivity solution, we’ve received valuable feedback highlighting ApowerMirror as an efficient alternative. This app enables you to cast the display from your RC Pro to your smartphone via its hotspot feature, offering a more budget-friendly option for enhancing your flying experience with the DroneMask.

YouTube tech tutorial personality Xavier Arthur shared how to do exactly that in his YouTube video tutorial here:

But that’s not Arthur’s only piece of advice. He has another, more cost-effective method for connecting the DroneMask with the RC Pro. He recommends using an app called nExt Camera, which he has used with an Android device. This app allows users to connect their smartphone to the RC Pro controller via an HDMI to USB C adapter, using a long cable. This setup enables the smartphone to display the image output from the RC Pro through the cable, via the app. 

A key limitation to be aware of when connecting the DroneMask with the RC Pro (rather than the RC-N1/N2) is the inability to interact with the encased screen. For adjustments or changes, users must operate directly on the RC Pro screen.

What’s next for DroneMask?

In the ever-evolving landscape of drone technology, the one constant is Immerse Optics’ unwavering commitment to providing you with unmatched immersive experiences. Whether navigating the skies with a standard controller from your preferred camera drone brand or leveraging the sophisticated features of the RC PRO, our DroneMask ensures the ultimate FPV experience is easily within your reach.

For North American customers, we suggest buying the DroneMask 2 from Amazon. There, it costs just $179 and can typically arrive in just one day. That’s $20 compared to buying it directly from For a slightly cheaper (yet older) product, consider the previous model, DroneMask 1. It comes without cables, adapters, and screen access holes, and costs $169 on Amazon. Both DroneMask 1 & 2 are also available on Amazon Canada and Mexico, shipped from our U.S. storage facility.

-By Vilde Wettergreen, CEO of Immerse Optics

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