Black Friday 2022 FPV sale: up to 90% off starts now

There are Black Friday sales, and then there are ridiculously good Black Friday sales. And at one Black Friday 2022 FPV sale in particular, you can save as much as 90%.

The folks over at GetFPV have joined in other drone companies including Autel and Skydio by offering very yearly Black Friday sales. And the Black Friday 2022 FPV sale over there is no joke, as plenty of deals exceed 50% off, and many run as high as 90% off.

Most of the 2022 FPV sale comes from GetFPV’s clearance section. And with that in mind, understand that most of the deals won’t return once they go out of stock. Jump on the 2022 FPV sale now, as restocks are unlikely.

So with that, here are some of the best deals happening at GetFPV’s Black Friday 2022 FPV sale, ranked by price from cheapest to most expensive:

$3 FPV Four Battery Holder by Think Tank Photo

You know those gift exchanges where you need to gift something less than $5? There’s no better gift for a drone pilot than the FPV Four Battery Holder by Think Tank Photo, which is down to just $3. Normally $14.99, this bag is a deal for drone pilots at 80% off. It fits four 3S/4S 1300-1800mAh Lipo batteries.

$4.99 FPVCrate Build Mat

Here’s an excellent stocking stuffer, or budget-friendly holiday gift. Normally $14.99, the FPVCrate Build Mat is now 70% off, down to just $4.99. This soft mat is designed for DIY drone pilots as it makes soldering easier while protecting your work surfaces. Plus, it has dual-functionality, doubling as a mouse pad, a take-off pad and even a drone landing pad.

$115 TS100 Soldering Iron Kit (9 tips, XT60 Cable, Holder)

This is an excellent gift for not just drone pilots, but hobbyists of all sorts. The 12-piece TS100 Soldering Iron Kit includes an internal heating intelligent CNC soldering iron and can easily be powered by a 4s lipo battery while on the go, no A/C outlet required. It’s now 50% off, bringing the usual $230 price down to just $115.

$120 Lumenier 3K Carbon Fiber Sheet – 5mm Thick (400x500mm)

Want to cut your own parts out of carbon fiber? With this, you can use the same carbon fiber used  in popular Lumenier air frames like the QAV-XS, QAV-SKITZO, QAV-250 and more. With it, you can build a 6x standard 5″ quadcopter airframe. It’s 25% off right now, normally $160 but currently priced at $120. That’s a budget-friendly way to make a truly one-of-a-kind drone.

$360 Flywoo HEXplorer LR HD 4″ 4S F745 Hexacopter (Nebula Nano V2) – TBS Crossfire

The Flywoo HEXplorer 4S 4″ LR Hexa-copter is one of Flywood’s newest drones, and is a collaboration with YouTube FPV star David Cledon, mostly known as Dave_C FPV. It’s going for 20% off (normally $450, but now down to $360, for $90 in savings).

Of course, that’s just a smattering of the deals offered as part of the Black Friday 2022 FPV sale over at GetFPV. Browse all the deals here — and leave a comment of any standout finds to help out the rest of the community!

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