Argus International Announces Ground Tracking Feature for TRAQPak

Argus International, an aviation service company, has recently announced that it is adding ground tracking to its TRAQPak FBO software. (Photo: ARGUS)

Argus International, an aviation service company dedicated to providing the aviation industry with information needed for efficient management with minimal risk, has recently announced that it is adding ground tracking to its TRAQPak FBO software. This addition will allow Argus to better serve its customers through offering more tools that can be used to support a smoother operation.

Argus International is a part of SGS Group, one of the world’s leading firms for testing, inspection, and certification. In addition to helping businesses operate with integrity and efficiency, SGS owns a majority stake in Argus. It has various offerings for its customers to assist in auditing and evaluating their business practices and operations. These include things like aviation consulting, auditing services, and safety solutions. It also runs Argus Academy, which offers training for auditors and safety managers, all while allowing customers to design custom training programs that best align with their needs.

Beyond services, Argus also offers TRAQPak, a software designed to help aviation companies manage operations. The company recently announced that this program now features a ground tracking tool aimed to better assist customers in their daily operations.

TRAQPak is a software that tracks flights and features a database that provides information relevant and useful for various companies within the industry. With the addition of ground tracking information to this system, customers now have access to real-time tracking of aircraft as they taxi through a given airport. With better information available to them, FBOs can now operate more efficiently and with a better understanding of its airport’s operations.

The practical application of TRAQPak and its new feature extends well beyond FBOs. Ramp agents working at service companies such as ground transportation and catering can now better understand how long taxi times can be and how to plan accordingly for a more efficient operation.

Travis Kuhn, Senior Vice President of Market Intelligence for Argus International, best highlights how this addition answers its customer’s needs, explaining, “Bringing our ground tracking to the marketplace has been an active collaboration between our customers and our TRAQPak team. I am proud to be a part of a team that continues to work tirelessly to meet and exceed the standard of service our industry expects. This new offering is the first of multiple changes we’ll be bringing to the marketplace as we move throughout 2023.”

Through the addition of ground tracking, Argus aims to create a better experience for its customers. FBOs, catering services, ground transportation services, and a plethora of other aviation companies will be able to enjoy the benefits that this real-time program offers. Argus International has demonstrated this technology at NBAA’s Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

Also at NBAA S&D this week, Argus announced that Embassair joined the Base Operations Audit Program. The soft opening for the Embassair FBO is scheduled for Feb. 1, according to a press release from the company.

Left to right: Ed Wandall (ARGUS), Jose Cabrera (Embassair), Kathy Gokce (ARGUS)


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