3 female TikTok drone pilots to follow right now

With only 7.9% of all certified remote pilots being female, the TikTok drone landscape is pretty similar. Many of the drone content creators are male. However, as the number of female pilots continues to grow (at a faster rate than male pilots), so do the female TikTok drone pilots.

Here are three outstanding female TikTokers who are using drones to capture their audiences on TikTok.


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The most unique use of drones: Caroline Krenek @carolinetxfarmer

Many TikTok drone content creators use their drones to highlight all their travels around the globe, but Caroline Krenek uses her drones for her agriculture content. Her content shows the behind-the-scenes life on her family farm and has over 66,000 followers and over 1.4 million likes on her videos. 

Caroline Krenek, @carolinetxfarmer is a 25-year-old Texas farmer, who first purchased a DJI Mavic Air 2 to scout corn fields for pest damage. 

She took a liking to her DJI drone and started to expand her drone knowledge. Eventually, Caroline got her Part 107 license and began capturing drone footage.  

The DJI Mavic 2 not only helps her capture aerial shots of her farm for her followers, but Caroline also uses the drone to spot damages from the middle of the field giving her a bird’s eye view that she would have not seen from the ground in her pickup truck. 

Eventually, Caroline decided to purchase a Hylio Ag-130 spray drone to help her with her increased productivity and yield.  

Given her work in agriculture, Caroline works in not one but two male-dominated industries. “By posting what I do on TikTok, I want to show other females curious in these industries that they can do it too,” she said in an interview with The Drone Girl.

The up-and-coming drone travel vlogger: Matilda Zuria, @ZuriaLens

Matilda Zuria, @ZuriaLens, is a travel vlogger who uses her drone to capture stunning videos of all her travels. She’s a solo traveler and loves to tell stories through her lens. And though she only ever flew her first-ever drone just five months ago, Matilda has over 1,000 followers and over 23,000 likes on her videos. 

She got into drones when planning her first trip to Hawaii. Matilda knew she needed aerial views of the islands, so she purchased her first drone, a DJI Mini 3 Pro. Matilda is a self-proclaimed aviation nerd, so she loves any aerial footage she can capture. 

“I love being able to take pride in my work and focus on the quality of my content,” Matilda said in an interview with The Drone Girl. “Being able to inspire other women to follow their passions is a huge honor.” 

The one setting the standard for drone travel vlogging: Asa Steinars @Asasteinars 

Asa Steinars is the female drone travel vlogger on TikTok. With over 730,000 followers and over 38 million likes on her videos, she is the one to watch.  Asa’s primary content features drone shots of her native country Iceland.

Her drone shots are known on TikTok for ‘making Iceland go viral’ and making her followers fall in love with the country’s beauty. Her videos started gaining so much attention she began writing Iceland travel guides to match her Iceland video content. 

Flying drones are an important part of her story-telling and content. And her drones capture beautiful aerial shots of ice caves, hot springs, the northern lights, waterfalls, and more. She frequently partners with DJI to create content. 

Asa also runs her own viral video boot camp where she teaches everything from finding your niche, filming techniques, editing tips, and everything in between. 

Like our two other TikTok content creators, Asa is creating her own path in the male-dominated drone industry. Asa says her “goal is to be a role model of drive, energy, and exploration, specifically for her female audience, and break the stereotypes of how girls are displayed on social media.”

What other TikTok drone pilots do you recommend following? Share their names in the comments!

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