2023 Holiday Drone Gift Guide: Presents for Drone Pilots (at every price point)

Happy November, dronies! Yes, it’s already that time to think about Christmas gifts — or whatever other winter holidays you’re shopping for! And if you have a drone lover in your life you are shopping for this holiday season, look no further, The Drone Girl’s got you covered with our 2023 Holiday Drone Gift Guide. 

From essential accessories to nerdy must-haves, we have something for every drone pilot on your list. Even if they do not need another drone (or if a drone isn’t within your budget), you’ll discover there are a ton of fantastic holiday gift options out there. 

I’ve broken down the gifts by budget, so no matter what your budget or the drone pilot’s interests, we have the perfect gift for them. I’ve curated a selection of potential Holiday 2023 Drone Gift Ideas to help you find the ideal present for the drone pilot in your life. 

So with that, here’s your 2023 holiday drone gift guide: 

2023 holiday drone gifts under $20

Personalized Puzzles ($10.99): The drone photographers in our lives take beautiful shots and they deserve to be shown off. Why not take one of their photos and turn it into a puzzle for everyone to enjoy? Of course, you could make a personalized puzzle with any of your photos, but one of your aerial drone shots (or a shot taken by the gift recipient themselves) would be really special.

Drone Symbol Baseball Cap ($18.99): This baseball hat with the simple drone design is an understated accessory to add to any drone lover’s closet. 

Tablet Holder for DJI Series ($19.99): It can be tricky for drone pilots to capture the perfect shot on the small screen, attaching a tablet to the controller can help the pilot view all the fine details. Before purchasing, check out your drone pilot’s type of drone and tablet and ensure they are compatible. 

STARTRC Drone Landing Pad Pro($19.99):  A landing pad is a must-have for any drone pilot, it helps protect drones from damage when landing. This durable pad is easy to fold and unfold, making it portable and convenient. 

Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament ($19.99): I mean…drones would be much more efficient than reindeer anyway, which makes this super cute Santa ornament a perfect gift for Christmas. 

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man’s Drone Duel Building Kit ($19.99): Superheroes and drones? It’s an excellent combination for any holiday gift. If your drone lover loves Legos, but superheroes aren’t their speed, there are plenty of other Lego kits that feature drones. Check out tons of other LEGO drone options here. 

MicroSD cards (price varies): This is the perfect gift for any drone photographer because you can never have enough memory cards! A broken, lost, corrupted, full, or forgotten memory card will ruin any drone shot. One of our current favorite memory cards is the Samsung PRO Ultimate Micro SD.

Check out our guide to the best microSD cards here, many great ones cost less than $20. 

Drone Books (price varies): If your drone lover is also a book nerd, there are many excellent drone books on the market. You can check out our best drone children’s books here or a selection of excellent drone books here.

2023 holiday drone gifts under $50

Drone Dojo Subscription ($27.. sort of): If the drone lover in your life also loves building and creating, look into a Drone Dojo subscription. $27 gets you a Blue Belt Membership, which gives you access to Drone Dojo courses, projects, and more.  The courses teach you a range of drone skills including how to build a drone from scratch, and how to program a drone to make it truly autonomous. Exact prices range based on how many months you want to subscribe for.  

This is also a great gift as it won’t take up any space — and doesn’t require you to pack and ship it, either.

Check out our in-depth look at Drone Dojo’s monthly subscription model.

Holy Stone Mini Drone ($35.99): Perhaps the drone lover in your life isn’t ready for the real thing, or is new to the hobby, this toy drone is a great place to start. This indoor toy drone is easy to fly and sure to bring joy to the youngest of drone lovers. 

DJI Mini 4 Pro 360 Propeller Guard ($35.99): If the drone lover in your life purchased the newest DJI Mini line drone to hit the market, the DJI Mini 4 Pro, then these propeller guards are a great gift — particularly because the kit sold by DJI rather annoyingly does not include propeller guards (no, not even the upgraded Fly More Combo).

But because the Mini 4 Pro is a top pick for beginners, having propeller guards is critical in giving any drone pilot even more peace of mind knowing their propellers are protected when they fly their prize possession. 

Drone Case (price varies): Most likely, the most important thing in your drone pilot’s life is their drone, so give them a gift that keeps their drone and its accessories safe from damage, dust, and moisture.   

The case and price will vary depending on the type of drone you are purchasing the case for.  INSYOO makes high-quality cases for most DJI drones. The INSYOO case made for the DJI Mini 2 begins at $25.99.

Drone Lens Filter (price varies): Maybe you want to help your beloved drone pilot take even better photos, then get them a lens filter. Filters can help reduce the amount of light in bright conditions, increase the color concentration, and more. Different filters serve various situations (and are fitted to specific drones), so research the drone and what type of condition they are often flying in. Generally speaking though, filters tend to cost under $50.

For example, the Globact ND Lens Filter Set comes with 6 types of filters and is compatible with DJI Mavic Mini, Mavic Mini 2, and Mini 2S. The 6 set of filters is $36.77. 

2023 holiday drone gifts under $200

The DroneMask 2 ($179): The DroneMask2 is a mask that gives any drone pilot a seamless, immersive experience when flying their camera drone. This innovative product allows you to turn any drone into an FPV drone. The mask works with all camera drones and smartphones, so no need to worry about what type of drone they have. This gift is sure to please and surprise any drone lover. We recently reviewed the DroneMask 2, check it out here.   

DJI Tello Drone ($149): This drone is a winner all around. It’s our pick for one of the best drones for kids, the best drone for STEM programs, the best drone for indoor flying, and the best drone under $100. The drone combines DJI flight technology and an Intel processor to create a budget camera drone that also can be used to teach newbies the basics of programming. 

It’s a great little drone for people looking for a low-cost introduction to student flying and shooting videos. Read our full DJI Tello review here. 

Spare drone batteries (price varies): You won’t have to worry about this gift being returned, as you can guarantee this gift will be welcomed and used. Every drone pilot should fly with spare batteries nearby, in case of emergency, making it perfect for the ultra-practical folks.

Battery costs differ depending on the drone model and are rarely interchangeable, so double check you are purchasing the right battery for your drone pilot’s specific drone. 

To provide you with a sense of potential gift purchases, take a look at the DJI Mini 3 Pro as an example. Its regular battery is priced at $65. Alternatively, you can opt for the DJI Mini Pro Intelligent Flight Battery Plus at $95, which enhances the flight duration from 34 minutes to 47 minutes. 

2023 holiday drone gifts under $500

Drone Adventurer Masterclass+ ($300): Taught by Belgium-based aerial photographer Johan Vandenhecke, this is a start-to-finish guide on using drones to take photos and cinematic videos–and how to make money while doing it. A perfect gift for any drone pilot trying to master their craft. 

Plus, use this link with the promo code SALLY50 to save $50 off the base-level Masterclass course, or use this link with promo code SALLY50PLUS to save $50 on the version with the virtual coaching sessions.  

If a photography course piques your interest, but you aren’t sure about this one or just want more information, read our guide to the best online drone photo courses for 2023.

Drone Pilot Ground School ($299-$525): If the drone pilot in your life hasn’t taken the Federal Aviation Administration’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test yet, chances are they will need to take that soon (if they are planning on turning their hobby into a business). Passing the test is a requirement to fly drones commercially under Part 107.  

The Drone Pilot Ground School is by far the biggest of all the Part 107 test prep programs and the one we would recommend if you want an established player. But there are many other options if you are looking for something different. 

Great news! The Drone Pilot Ground School is currently having a Fly-Day sale where each of their test prep packages is $107 off. The sale runs from Nov. 9th through Nov. 24th, so act fast!

HoverAir X1 ($439): This flying camera is a great gift for anyone who wants a beginner drone that records sound and flies indoors. Don’t expect a DJI-quality drone, when you purchase the HoverAir X1. However, it’s a great little companion for someone who is looking to record mostly human subjects rather than big aerial scenes. Read our full review on HoverAir X1 here.

DJI Mini 3 (starting at $467): This is the perfect starter drone, as it offers a high-quality camera, but still strips down the fanciest features to keep costs under control. Its camera is slightly lesser when compared to other DJI drones and it doesn’t have the full obstacle avoidance features. But, it’s DJI’s best drone under $500 (though that price point assumes you don’t need the controller, which a new pilot would.) If you want to explore other DJI drones for under $500, check out our guide to the best drones under $500.

Purchase the DJI Mini 3 now from:

2023 holiday drone gifts under $1,000

DJI Osmo Pocket 3 ($519): If the drone-lover in your life is always looking for the latest technology, then the Osmo Pocket 3 camera is perfect for them. It’s DJI’s latest compact and versatile handheld action camera. With major upgraded camera sensors, enhanced color modes, robust stabilization, and audio capabilities, it’s a versatile tool that caters to the demands of both amateur and professional content creators.  Check out our full review.

DJI Mini 4 Pro ($959): This drone just hit the market in late September and it is the best drone for beginners, hands down. DJI added omnidirectional sensing to this model, making it particularly crashproof. If you have been wanting to purchase a first-time drone for someone in your life, this is the drone to get! 

The drone has a 1/1.3-inch CMOS camera sensor and is incredibly small and compact (weighing under 249 grams). I can’t recommend this drone enough.

Read my full review of the DJI Mini 4 Pro here.  

What are some of your favorite holiday drone gifts?

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