Moment Launches In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity Systems for Jet Operators

Moment recently launched the Flymingo Jet solution for jet operators. The company has developed Flymingo Box and Flymingo Connect to enable smart, connected cabins. (Photo: Moment)

Passenger experience solutions company Moment launched a new offering last month for private jet operators. The Flymingo Jet solution allows for updates via 4G, Wi-Fi, or a USB key, and passengers can access its services from their personal devices or provided tablets.

Moment, a French company, was started about 10 years ago. Its focus is on the travel industry, including aviation, maritime, and rail, and it also offers solutions for the healthcare industry. The Flymingo Box is the first hardware developed by the company; it enables airlines to quickly deploy a solution to their fleet. It is a lightweight wireless device with a 10-inch frame. Malaysia Airlines, Air Belgium, Air France, and multiple other airlines have deployed the Flymingo Box.

The second hardware developed by the team at Moment is Flymingo Connect, which was launched about a year and a half ago. The system uses IoT technology to manage an ecosystem of interconnected devices and includes a server/WAP (wireless access point) and one simple WAP. 

The Flymingo Box solution was on display at the 2022 APEX Expo in October. (Photo: Jessica Reed)

Michael Serres, co-founder and managing director of Moment, discussed some of the company’s latest efforts in an interview with Avionics International. With Flymingo Connect, he explained, “we are able to bring a lot of intelligence into the cabin, helping the airlines to improve their operations.”

“We are looking to not only provide a state-of-the-art entertainment platform but also to bring more value to the airlines to be more integrated into the operations of the airline,” he noted. The team aims to bring value to the passengers in addition to the crew. 

Serres added, “One of the IoT solutions we’ve developed is for the crew to monitor how many passengers have their seatbelts fastened rather than having crew members count.” He remarked that the company’s main areas of expertise are software and R&D

The passenger portal, called Mood, is another solution that has already been deployed by Moment. “We can install it on every single hardware in an aircraft,” Serres said. “Sometimes airlines receive aircraft from a lessor with hardware already installed, they just need to have a great platform—so we do install these platforms on existing hardware, enabling them to have a very quick deployment.”

In discussing Moment’s Flymingo Box, Serres shared that airlines have been very interested in the solution because it can be either battery-powered or aircraft-powered. “If an airline is coming to us with an urgent request,” he said, “we are able to deploy in four to eight weeks on batteries.” 

If the airline wants to lower operational costs and focus on full autonomous operations, “we can switch to the 28 VDC with minor modifications and with the same unit. We can keep continuous service with either batteries or 28 VDC,” he explained.

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