2022 Drone Market Survey seeks respondents, with opportunity to win cash

Another edition of the annual DroneAnalyst Drone Market Sector Report is set to publish — but before you can actually read it, the Drone Analyst team needs surveys done to actually create it. The 2022 Drone Market Survey is the latest in what is now the drone industry’s longest-running annual survey, marking the sixth version of what will eventually be the 2022 Market Sector Report.

Industry experts, salespeople, service providers, drone buyers and journalists (including myself) rely on it heavily to understand where the drone industry has been over the past year and where it’s headed.

And in order for the Drone Analyst team to create that report, it’s seeking existing drone industry participants to take the survey (last year’s report received 1,800 respondents). That’s where you come in. The team at Drone Analyst asks that you take 10 minutes to enter its survey here.

So why should you spend your time on the survey? Besides goodwill, there are two real reasons in it for you:

As an incentive for participation in the survey, respondents have an opportunity to:

  • When the survey finally drops, you’ll receive a free summary report of the research results, which is otherwise a $95 value.
  • Win one of two $400 gift cards, which will be given out via random drawing

Every year’s report typically includes a holistic view of the industry with questions on topics around company size, revenue, jobs, etc. But then each year also tends to focus on hot topics for the times. For example, the 2017 report expanded to better understand drone service providers and business buyers. 2018’s report focused on measuring actual usage of drones. Unsurprisingly, the 2020 edition assessed the impact of COVID-19, along with other topics like the US-China trade war and the origins of corporate drone programs. It’s tracked valuable figures such as DJI market share, and shed light on why people buy drones.

This year’s report is set to include a fresh focus on areas that have emerged as hot topics in the drone industry as of late, including:

  • What types of users are deploying advanced drone operations (BVLOS, over people, etc).
  • What drone programs are deploying docked drone (drone-in-a-box) systems from what manufacturers.
  • Deployment of other uncrewed or imaging systems alongside drones.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete, and can be taken here. The period to take the survey will be open for a few weeks, and the initial results will be published in late August 2022.

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