Part 107 course sale gets you a freebie — and comes with a donation to a good cause

There’s a huge Part 107 course sale happening this summer over at Drone Pilot Ground School that means a freebie for you — and a donation to another good cause.

To celebrate the 7th Anniversary of Part 107 online test prep course provider Drone Pilot Ground School, the company a fresh sort of promotion. Even though it’s Drone Pilot Ground School’s birthday, you get the gift. Here are the details of this summer 2023 Part 107 course sale:

  • Buy Drone Pilot Ground School and get the Drone Pilot Skill Builder Course FREE ($119 value).
  • Your purchase helps other kids. Proceeds from all online courses purchased during the sale period will be donated to Kid Spark Education, which is a program that has a clear impact on supporting the future drone industry by providing STEM education services to Pre-K – 8th grade students.

 Drone Pilot Skill Builder is the newest online course offering from the team at Drone Pilot Ground School, which offers a robust network of in-person and online courses about all things drones, but particularly focused on people newer to the industry. Drone Pilot Skill Builder launched in July 2023 as a $119, self-paced course that covers topic areas including where you can legally fly drones, how to do airspace research, how to plan drone flights, understanding your drone’s intelligent flight modes, and emergency procedures.

Key details about this summer 2023 Part 107 course sale:

The sale starts on Thursday, July 20 and runs through Tuesday, July 25 at 11:59 p.m.

When you purchase Drone Pilot Ground School’s flagship Part 107 training course, you’ll get the Drone Pilot Skill Builder Course automatically bundled in. You won’t have to do anything extra like entering a promo code, but rather than Skill Builder course will automatically appear in your virtual shopping cart (for no extra fee) at checkout.

Get in on the sale here.

How this sale compares to other Part 107 online training course deals

Because the usual Drone Pilot Ground School Course is $299, and the Drone Pilot Skill Builder course costs $119, you’re getting a $418 value for $299 (which is effectively a tidy little 28% discount when looked at that way).

One note about combining coupon codes to double dip on this sale though: you can’t. I usually am able to offer you, my readers, a promo code for $50 off the standalone Drone Pilot Ground School Part 107 online course using discount code DRONEGIRL50. Since that course is usually $299, you’re able to purchase the Part 107 program for just $249 using promo code DRONEGIRL50.

However, that promo code is temporarily going on pause through the sale’s end. So with this sale, you’re getting the two courses for $299. If you truly don’t want that Drone Pilot Skill Builder course but you do want the flagship Part 107 course, it might make sense to wait for the sale to end, upon which you can enter promo code DRONEGIRL50 to get the single Part 107 course offering for $249.

Of course, this sale also entails that bonus donation to Kid Spark Education, meaning your purchase today helps a kid right now, too — and can mean a future impact in the drone industry.

There are also other, lower-cost Part 107 test prep provider, including John Peltier’s FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep Course which run for $139 and Drone Launch Academy which usually costs $199 (but you can use coupon code DRONEGIRL50 to save $50 and bring your price down to just $149).

Drone Pilot Ground School is certainly the biggest of them all (and maybe I’m biased because their program is what I used to pass the FAA Part 107 test myself), but they have an ultra rigorous curriculum with a guarantee to refund both the $175 test fee and the cost of Drone Pilot Ground School if you don’t pass on your first try (assuming you have scored at least 85% on one of the course’s practice tests). Because of its reputation, it holds some major player in the industry as student customers including Skydio, NYPD, journalists from news organizations including USA Today and The Wall Street Journal, and John Deere.

Why you need to take the Part 107 test

The Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107 rules that anyone who operates a drone commercially holds a drone pilot license, formerly referred to as a “remote pilot certificate with a small UAS rating.” You get that by passing an in-person written exam, which many people refer to as the “Part 107 test.”

The test, which is a set of 60 multiple choice questions with a single correct response for each one, can be taken at one of about 700 testing centers throughout the United States. Upon passing, you’ll receive a physical license, which you should carry with you when conducting commercial drone operations.

Register for Drone Pilot Ground School’s online course (and get the Skill Builder course automatically thrown in for free!) right here.

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