2022 Cyber Monday drone deals: a grand finale for holiday sales

The Black Friday deals started earlier than ever today, with brands like Autel and Skydio announcing huge discounts on their drones within the first couple weeks of November. But the deals have deadlines. And for many of the best drone discounts, they end with Cyber Monday.

Today is the last day to get in on many of the biggest drone discounts you’ll see of the entire year, as companies raise their prices again for the holiday shoppers who procrastinated. People desperate to fulfill a wishlist won’t have the luxury of deal hunting. But right now, you do. And luckily, there are plenty of 2022 Cyber Monday deals to be had.

The catch with today’s sales? You can’t wait to shop around for a better deal. With 2022 Cyber Monday sales, they’re a final opportunity. Because tomorrow, most prices are going right back up.

Here’s a breakdown of the best Cyber Monday 2022 drone deals I’ve seen so far:

The best 2022 Cyber Monday drone deals

The Black Friday weekend leading into Cyber Monday one of the best times to buy a drone of the entire year. Sure, certain drone companies will run one-off sales. But with this weekend, all the companies are competing against each other for your dollars — driving each other to drive the price you pay down. Whether you’re seeking out a camera drone, a follow-me drone, a racing drone or something else entirely, most of the big drone companies including DJI, Skydio and Autel are running 2022 Black Friday drone deals:

Deals on other DJI drones and other gear (including free gifts with purchase)

The best prices you’ll find on DJI drones are generally at Amazon. The tech giant tends to match all the deals sold on DJI’s website. But if you pay for it with the Amazon Prime Rewards credit card, you also get an additional 5% off. Plus, shipping is free and much faster, and returns are also far easier.

Top DJI deals on Amazon include:

But while I do love Amazon, the 2022 Cyber Monday deal at B&H Photo is pretty fun because it promises not just dollar discounts, but also some free gifts with purchase on certain items.

Thumb through all the DJI B&H deals here, but I’ve called out some highlights:

$200 off Skydio 2 drone kits and BOGO Skydio batteries

This is the final day to take advantage of Skydio’s epic drone sale, where every single Skydio 2+ Kit is $200 off. Drone kits vary in price, the deepest discounts come when you purchase the normally-$1,099 Skydio 2+ Starter Kit, which is now down to just $899 (that’s an 18% discount).

Skydio is also running a batter sale through the end of today, Cyber Monday. All Skydio batteries are buy one get one free.

Read more about it in my article detailing the Skydio Black Friday 2022 sale. Or head to Skydio’s site now to shop.

35% off Autel EVO drones

The Autel drone sale is one of the rare ones that doesn’t actually end today, so you can at least mull over this one. Between now and Dec. 5, the Autel Black Friday 2022 sale is on, featuring savings of 35% off the Autel EVO Nano+ drone and Autel EVO Lite+ drone. Pricing marginally varies based on what kit you get, but most are 35% off. This is higher than the last time Autel offered a similar sale earlier this summer (when the same two drones were just 20% off), so now is a far better time to pick up an Autel drone if you’ve been waiting.

The sale prices are valid both on Autel’s website and on Amazon.

Toy drones

Toy drones aren’t just for kids; I recommend them to adults to really master the controls. Toy drones are much, march harder to fly than the high-quality drones named above. But if you can fly one of these, you’re more than prepared to fly one of the many-hundred-dollar drones above.

Luckily, there are a bunch on sale for Cyber Monday. The top toy drone deals include:

Up to 90% off clearance from GetFPV

For the drone pilot who either builds their own gear, is passionate about drone racing, or wants to get into one (or both) of those things, head over to the online shop at GetFPV.

I broke down my top GetFPV deal finds in a full blog post over here, but I’ll also save you a click and highlight some of my favorites right here: just $3 for Think Tank Photo’s LiPo battery holder, 50% off the 12-piece TS100 Soldering Iron Kit and 20% off the Flywoo HEXplorer 4S 4″ LR Hexa-copter

10% off brands including Lumenier and XILO on GetFPV

Between now and the end of today, a bunch of big drone racing brands are running 10% discounts on all their products sold through hobby drone website GetGPV.

Eligible drone brands in on the 10% off deal include:

  • Lumenier
  • XILO
  • IFlight
  • T-Motor
  • Flywoo
  • Runcam
  • HD Zero
  • Brother Hobby
  • Walksnail
  • Tattu
  • ZOHD
  • Foxeer
  • BetaFPV
  • Video Aerial Systems
  • HQprop
  • AxisFlying
  • Sequre
  • Creality
  • Skystars
  • Gemfan

Discounts will automatically be applied once eligible items are added to your cart. Check out GetFPV’s deals here.

The best 2022 Cyber Monday Part 107 course discounts

Part 107 courses refer to online study courses designed to help you pass the FAA’s Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test, which is what is required to pass in order to earn your drone pilot’s license.

$107 off Drone Pilot Ground School’s Part 107 course

My No. 1 pick for best Part 107 online test prep course, Drone Pilot Ground School, is running a 2022 Cyber Monday sale, officially dubbed the “Black Fly-Day Sale,” now through Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022.

For its Black Fly-Day sale, Drone Pilot Ground School is running a discount of a clever $107 off its online course. The course is normally $299, so the discount brings the price down to just $192. Use this link for the promotion price to automatically apply.

50% off Drone Launch Academy’s entire line of Pat 107 courses and study resources

Even cheaper than DPGS’s course is Drone Launch Academy’s FAA Remote Pilot Part 107 Exam Prep Course. While it’s normally $199, it’s 50% off until the end of today, bringing it down to just $100. Plus, Drone Launch will throw in its flashcards, ebook, and audiobook for free which is an incredible steal, or deal (or both).

If you don’t need the full course, consider a la carte versions of the company’s other Part 107 study resources, including:

2022 Cyber Monday deals on other online drone courses

If you already have a Part 107 license, or you’re just not interested in getting one, but you still like the idea of the gift of knowledge, other types of online drone courses are offering deals — with discounts to boot. Here are the highlights:

$1 each: mini courses from Drone Launch Academy

This deal is incredible — and you effectively have nothing to lose (well, just one dollar). Drone Launch Academy’s three mini courses, which serve as quick gateways into drones, are on sale for just $1. This deal is pretty incredible, considering the courses are normally $49 each.

Drone Launch Academy’s $1 courses are:

20% off Peltier Photo courses

If you’re interested in photography, consider one of the Peltier Photo Courses, which will be 20% off the normal price when you use promo code CW2022 (separately, Peltier Photo also offers a Remote Pilot training course). The deal runs a bit past Cyber Monday even, valid until Friday, Dec 2, 2022.

The deal applies to all of the photo courses offered, whether you opt for a drone course or a camera-on-the-ground course. There are even film courses, which might be an excellent way for people already passionate about drone photography to expand into other areas. For the Fujifilm Photographer Membership, the coupon will apply 20% off the subscription for the first three months.

Make sure you use this link and enter promo code CW2022 at checkout to get in on the 20% off deal.

Other 2022 Cyber Monday deals for stuff that drone pilots will love (that aren’t purely related to drones)

Drone pilots need more than just drones! There are computers, charges, carrying cases, snacks and more that every drone pilot needs to have as well! I scoured the Internet for stuff that doesn’t necessarily have “drone” in the name, but is a great gift for a drone pilot who has all the drones already:

SYMIK Neck Strap Aluminum Bracket and Neck Strap (Lanyard) Combo for DJI Smart Controller: This Cyber Monday deal entails 50% off this neck strap and bracket, bringing the normally $20 price tag down to just $9.99. It’s designed for the DJI Smart Controller, and would be perfect for owners of the DJI Mavic Air 2, DJI Mini 2, Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom Drones.

STARTRC Drone Landing Pad Pro: This makes for another budget-friendly stocking stuffer at just $15 — a 25% discount for Cyber Monday. It’s 20″ and foldable, making for a drone landing pad to provide the best take-off and landing surface in any environment.

$43 off the Furman Power Station 8 Surge Protector: If you’re charging tons of gear, whether it’s Lipo batteries, your laptop, other camera stuff, your RC transmitter, etc, you need to make sure you have a surge protector. This one has a sturdy aluminum body and an 8-foot cord. It’s normally $150, but it’s on sale now, priced at just $85.

$100 off the Apple iPad Pro: This iPad has a large, vivid display, and is worth upgrading if you’re someone who uses an iPad to operate your drone. While it’s probably not a meaningful upgrade if you already have the M1 iPad Pro or an iPad Air from the last two years, it does offer a faster processor than a previous models — which is imperative for drone piloting.

36% off the GoPro HERO10 Action Camera + Accessory Bundle: I know this one feels like it’s cheating on the DJI Osmo Action 3, but it’s a swell deal if you’re not satisfied with the DJI version. And if you are in the market for an action camera, in many ways this one is far better than DJI’s offering, even for DJI devotees. It offers incredible stabilization and a smooth interface, able to record at a high frame rate of 5.3K 60 Hz. Skip it if you already own a HERO9 as it’s probably not that much better, but anyone else ready to upgrade their Action Camera should jump on this deal.

This deal is especially good right now because, while the camera alone sometimes goes for $349 (normally $449) on other sales, the Cyber Monday 2022 sale throws in a whole bunch of freebies. Right now, the entire camera + Accessory Bundle (worth $549) is just $349, for a whopping 36% off. Consider it $100 savings off the camera, plus a whole bunch of freebies — including the magnetic swivel clip, two rechargeable batteries and camera case — thrown in.

$100 off Ray-Ban sunglasses: If you’re a drone pilot, then you probably spend a lot of time looking up into the sky. And if you do, you need sunglasses — stylish ones at that. Amazon’s got discounts of 33% off (that’s $100 savings) on Ray-Bans. Browse the discounted styles here.

If you’ve found a great 2022 Cyber Monday drone deal not mentioned here, snatch it up for yourself. Then, leave a comment below to share your find with the rest of the Drone Girl community!

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